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Nagas Express: Products inspired by your needs

Since their launch, our Express products have made a splash across North America. They are specially designed for 100% fresh air applications in markets with very cold climates, and our customers appreciate their quality and reliability—and our fast delivery times.

Want more bang for your buck?

Direct- and indirect-fired units are very popular with contractors and users looking for a great return on their investment.

Here is ABE Energy recovery /
Air Handler

With our customers’ needs and our past successes in mind, we created our latest product: the first complete and ready-to-install unit fully developed inhouse using our patented technology. With 90% heat recovery efficiency, this unit requires no heat source!

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Our commitment

Our vision and mission are clear. We want to reduce the carbon footprint of all buildings, new and old, for today and tomorrow. Our solutions can be adapted to various types of construction to make our world ever more sustainable.

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